Consultancy service in business planning in Edcon

Business planning is something that every company need to make, but not all businesses are capable of creating a perfect plan. In this article, we would like to introduce the business plan consulting services at EDCON:
EDCON is one of the professional companies in the field of business plan consultancy for enterprises. Through years of operations, we have cooperated with many large and small, domestic and international companies.
1. Why should you use business planning services?
It is clear that you can design a business plan yourself; however, it will waste much time and make unnecessary mistakes. To save costs and have a perfect business plan, you should use the business plan consulting services of companies specialized in legal advice. It will help:
  • Better professional business plans always meet high standards
  • Save about 70% of time and 50% in expense.
  • Support in launching the plan, assessing, monitoring and completing it
  • Clients’ information be secured.
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2. EDCON’s business plan consulting services
EDCON is one of the companies providing professional business plan consulting services. When coming EDCON, you will precise and enthusiastic advice from teams of experienced lawyers. Our services include:
  • Analysis of business ideas. EDCON and startup managers will discuss the company's business ideas, assess the suitability of the industry, sector, partnerships, market ...
  • Having comments on your business idea. EDCON will create difficulties when implementing business ideas to help directors foresee and seek solutions.
  • Analysis of business models. Determining the right business model for the starting a business is really important, it show the success or failure of the business. Which are things suitable for your business: large, medium or small business model; direct sales or through distribution systems; franchising or producing?
  • Analysis of operation cost, source of income. Good ideas could not ensure your success. You need to specify your company’s products or services, input and output, price and profit of products. EDCON will help you exactly determine sales revenues to build a financial plan for starting a business.
  • Analysis of marketing access, including finance, budget for operation, marketing and other matters.
  • Analyzing and creating personnel plan.
With many years of operating experience and talented staff, we confidently provide our clients with quick and efficient business plan consulting services. Also at EDCON, we offer a lot of other legal consulting services. You can directly enter the office or get advice over the phone. We will answer all your questions.
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