Analysis of marketing access

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Checking developing market strategies, including financial, operational budgeting, marketing and other factors.
EDCON owns years of experience in the field of investment consulting, reporting feasibility studies, project consulting, business strategies and making plans for a startup campaign is one of the strengths of EDCON.
Every startup director always finds that there is too much work to do to start a business. Therefore, the creation of a plan or a list of issues to be resolved will help startup directors manage and ensure that all problems will be solved gradually, which helps the company follow the right way and rapidly develop.
Besides, startup directors also need to have a business plan for himself, preparations to overcome potential difficulties, and it also helps companies to measure the advancement.
However, realizing all the issues to be resolved is also not easy, especially when you are not experienced in this field. We always accompany startup managers to show noted issues. From the beginning, we will assist you:
  • Analysis of business ideas. EDCON and startup managers will discuss the company's business ideas, assess the suitability of the industry, sector, partnerships, market ...
  • Having comments on your business idea. EDCON will create difficulties when implementing business ideas to help directors foresee and seek solutions.
  • Analysis of business models. Determining the right business model for the starting a business is really important, it show the success or failure of the business. Which are things suitable for your business: large, medium or small business model; direct sales or through distribution systems; franchising or producing?
  • Analysis of operation cost, source of income. Good idea could not ensure your success. You need to specify your company’s products or services, input and output, price and profit of products. EDCON will help you exactly determine sales revenues to build a financial plan for starting a business.
  • Analysis of marketing access, including finance, budget for operation, marketing and other matters.
  • Analyzing and creating personnel plan.
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